How to Turn Your Facebook Profile into a Cash Machine and Attract People To You


Are you ready to get started prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you and grow your business by leaps and bounds? Facebook is a massive pool of potential customers and clients that cannot be ignored.

If you've been prospecting on Facebook already, and not having the results you were hoping for,  then you'll want to read every word of this article.

Facebook Algorithm 

Which then actually needs to be changed so are you sure.  I will be you showing you how it gets the Biggest Bang for your Buck when using you Facebook Profile. 



There’s three ways which I am going to explain to you call F.E.P

F stands for friends

Your friends list the Big Myth out there is that you need to have 5000 friends on Facebook to be in success  That’s totally wrong it’s the percent and friends that you communicate with.  So, having 5000 friends on Facebook is a myth.  Pretty shocking right.  


Is an absolute Having a friend close to 5000 people is a myth


Facebook wants us to connect with your friends.  Who you connected to the actual percent of people from your list that you have a connection with. You need to be prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.

Yours connections need to be close to the number of people on your friends list. So, in fact by lowering the never your friends OK your target market and connecting with them daily business daily that will put your content in their News-feed.

Just connect with people that you really want to connect with just don’t send out turns a friend request and not really communicate with them you need to become friends with people in your target market. When you send out a friend request connect with them in a message right away.


  1. This will tell Facebook that you are really making a connection with them.  By doing this connection you will get more interaction on your post. 
  2. Be sure to get rid of anybody that doesn’t reply to you.


If your friends do not engage on your post, then get rid of them, start prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.

Remove the people that never respond to you that you know you will never connect with and get rid of them.

Watch out for scammers never automatically except friend request from somebody that doesn’t look legit. Friending scammers only hurts you.

E it’s for engagement

There’s three places that you need to be concerned about to get engagement sp that when prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.

  • Stories
  • Comments
  • Messenger

 Messenger is the most important.  Comments Rank second,  Stories are last,  Stare by offering valuable content to solve others probles this will make prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.



So, stories can you comment on someone story it goes straight into messenger. Spend time coming on people stories.


Why because it goes to messenger. You want to spend most of your time in messenger. The more slime you spend in messenger the more Facebook likes it. 


Very important you can like their posts and the mayor quick emoji and develop a comment and conversation with that person.   Spend most of your time each day in messenger  Use many emojis and gadgets that messenger has and prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.




If you think you’re going to scroll down and like everybody’s post and that’s going to help you, you’re wrong  So, if you’re moving super super fast liking people's post then you are not connecting, and Facebook will punish you.Hit the love button instead and make at least once and it Comment.  Soon prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you,



Stories  Add some value and add something relevant

The more nice and friendly and meaningful you are Guess What Facebook will reward you in the algorithm by letting people see your stuff.  May take some time just don’t quit before payday.  Tell stories on how YOU can solves you customers problems.

P for Post

This is fundamental that you understand this because in 2018 it’s a new game.  Need to post only 1  time a day on your profile. 

If you think you need something else to share.  Copy and write it,  make the story yours.  Sharing another post is a no-no and Facebook will punish you for that.

And if you have a product to sell don’t sell it on your personal page use your fan page sell in the stories.

It’s so important now I need to tell you about the three-hour rule

Three hours is the window do not post another post for a minimum of three hours I suggest for.  Text post under 85 characters  Use Facebook lives to get your message across set up two times a week at the same time you’re going to do your Facebook live

The key is consistency set a timer on your phone to remind you you’re going to be at the Facebook live so your audience will know when to tune in to your channel. Your Vibe will make prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you.


10 minutes before you go live be sure you warm up the algorithm.


By liking your customers post and commenting.  After your post you need to be active on your post engaging in people’s comments then Facebook will show it to more people. Like and unlike your post several times thought out the Day, This will actively keep it in the news FEED.

Power of likability by commenting and Likely comment on you post boost you post.

Ask people questions in the comments section.

People want to engage on your post. Then more people see your POST



In  a world of Attraction Marketing. Which means we want to get leads coming to us. Not us going to them.

It simply takes getting a few things right, making yourself attractive to your prospects, and grabbing their attention with a simple shoulder tap… Causing them to magically request to be YOUR friend.

Pretty cool right?


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I love to connect Business minded people that inspire me.

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