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I bet you wake up and think to yourself…I want to drive sales today? How can I create a simple email marketing work for me?  I hope that’s how you feel everyday! If so, today I’m going to share with you a cool little process that mixes influence principles and email segmentation and ultimately drives more sales. Pretty much without fail.  I bet you are saying to yourself Email Marketing?  I hate email right?  Is there a secret sauce to simple email marketing?  


Is email marketing dead? Myth: People hate being marketed to via email. In all actuality, research supports that people read most of their emails and do not mind frequent emails as long as they are relevant, interesting and specific to their needs.

There are other unique things you can do with your email list, such as taking a list of your current customers’ emails and uploading them to Facebook using the Facebook Custom Audience tool. Then, use the Facebook Look-a-Like Audience tool to advertise to Facebook users with similar characteristics to your current customers.


Opt-In List to is important to simple email marketing. 


Are you used to purchasing lists that your competitors have already blasted over and over? It's time to start revamping (or building, if you have not already) your opt-in email list.

The easiest way to get a good opt-in email subscriber base is to offer visitors something of value, such as a content download like an infographic, webinar or a discount on a product or service in exchange for their email information.


Here are –Justice Eagan simples email marketing steps.


STEP 1 Write A Lengthy Email – On Purpose for simple email marketing

That Makes An Irresistible & Time (Or Quantity) Sensitive Offer

Remember, you can’t just pitch your list all day long. This process presupposes that you’re giving your list tons of value. If you’re not, you should start there. 

This first email is designed to “Rack The Shotgun.” I’ll explain the details of what this email should consist of in today’s video, but know that it should speak to the benefit of your offer, and should set the stage for a logic based sales effort, and a fear based sales effort to follow. You also should have made this offer irresistible with some sort of value added bonus(es)


STEP 2 – Give the email 24-48 hours and segment those who clicked the link but did not buy in a simple email marketing campaign.

Write a new email that speaks as if you’re talking directly to them based on the fact that they engaged with your previous email. Maybe the subject line is

“Hey Jon, did I do something wrong?”.

When Jon opens, tell him straight up…

“Hey Jon yesterday I made you and insane offer, and you checked it out but didn’t take action.”

Then appeal to Jon logically. Remind him why you believe he got on your list.

“Maybe I’m wrong Jon, but I thought you jumped on my email list because you wanted to learn how to achieve XYZ. If I’m wrong, I really apologize for sending you these emails, not sure where the mix up was. However if you really do want to achieve XYZ yesterday’s offer is pretty much the complete answer. I mean THINK about this”….

Continue appealing to logic. Use testimonials, stats, value stacking, and metaphorical examples.

“To think Jon….people are out there spending 4 dollars on a Latte everyday when they could spend just half that and access XYZ, and get XYZ”

“The crazy part is…most people spend X and just get Y, but (then VALUE STACK)

“Now Jon maybe you didn’t take action because you feel (insert likely objection). I totally get it! Take Jenny for instance, she felt (insert same pain), she used/got/did XYZ and now (Insert Jenny Testimonial)”

Create another strong call to action reminding Jon of limited quantity or deadlines. This lays the groundwork to leverage fear of loss in your next email.


STEP 3  Write A Last Chance Email for a simple email marketing campaign.

This email is for those that wait until the last minute and buy based on fear of loss. Don’t be afraid to get tough here. That’s what fear of loss buyers need. Remember, this is not being sent to your whole list. You’re having a one on one conversation. This person has been reading your emails and clicking the links to your offer. They want what you have, they just need a better reason to take action. I may say things like.

First remind Jon of the deadlines and what is disappearing. The have a convo.

“Jon, can I ask you a serious question?….When’s it going to be your turn? You’re still here, so you must want XYZ (insert benefits)….You know it works because you saw (insert logic and testimonials)

“When are you going to step up and be one of those testimonials? I’ve got bad news I can’t show up at your house and make you buy XYZ no matter how much we both know you need it.”

“You’re more than welcome to hang around and receive my emails, but to me that sounds like torture, when there’s still an X hour window to experience X”


Bottom line, don’t be afraid to twist the knife and leverage your deadlines. Here’s the deal. Jon’s frozen. He doesn’t have the results, experience, life, whatever that he wants. You’ve got a solution. Jon needs you to get him off the fence if anythings ever going to change. Call me crazy, but I think it’s your duty to tell Jon what he needs to hear, and if he unsubscribes, well at least you know that you gave it your all.


STEP 4  Segment & Repeat and make email marketing simple.

Think of this process like you’re wringing the water out of a wet towel. Every time you add new people to your list, or provide value you are wetting the towel. Every time you are making an offer you are wringing the towel. Get the most out of this single offer by segmenting and reaching as many people as you can.

After 48 hours segment the non opens from step 1, and send them the same step 1 email with a different subject line in efforts to grab their attention.

Once more people have clicked the link in your second send of email 1 you’re going to treat them exactly the same as you did the first group that clicked.

Do the same with non opens from email 2, and email 3.

One thing I would suggest is that, depending on timing, you may want to exclude these segments from your main broadcasts while you’re having this “conversation” with them for simple email marketing.

But for those who opened email 1 and never clicked it’s broadcasts as usual. You “racked the shotgun” (see video to know what I mean). They didn’t show interest, so it’s back to giving them value, and maintaining the relationship. Your next offer may very well appeal to them in a way that this one didn’t.

Again…I think it’s very important that you watch today’s video to get some of the finer details of this process. Then go apply it in your business, and I guarantee you’ll make more sales immediately


–Justice Eagan   About Justice Eagan

On a mission to inspire people everywhere to take control of their life, follow their dreams, and market with passion. Formerly a dead broke waiter, I now live life on my own terms thanks to the wonderful world of home business

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