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Planning to Live Your Life Your Way

Many people feel as if they're adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don't seem to get anywhere worthwhile.  Set your goals and you will be on your way to Network Marketing for success.  It  is easy when you know the five secret steps to follow on how to set goals for Network Marketing for success.



Follow these five magic steps faithfully, and achieving your goals in Network Marketing is 90% assured.

  • Step #1: Have a Vision. Pick the goal of your dreams.
  • Step #2: Check if this goals and religiously write them down twice a day.
  • Step #4: Find a mini-habit that will make achieving your goals automatically
  • Step #5: Use the energy of the universe to draw your goals to you


That is it. That is our network marketing goal setting worksheet for building dreams and achieving goals. Not too hard. When we follow these five steps, you’ll be achieving your goals in Network Marketing and building your dream. Then the magic happens:

  • We feel natural internal motivation every day.
  • We never have to mix feelings about the direction of our lives.
  • Every day is a fun day as we enjoy the journey to our vision.
  • The mini-habit assures us that we are making progress every day.


So, let’s dig into the five secret steps.

Step #1: Have a Vision. Pick the goal of your dreams for achieving network marketing susses.


What does a vision have to do that a goal? The difference between goals and visions is super duper important. Click To Tweet

Goals are a  specific target to achieve something. It’s the strategy and tactics you use to move toward your vision. You should set and achieve goals only that promote and are in line with your vision. This is why, if you don’t have a vision, goals alone can be defeating (i.e., without a vision, each goal is just something you’ve completed without a larger “why” in mind).

This is what Steven Burke says is the “wishin and hopin” part of achieving your goals in Network Marketing. “Wishin and hopin” are not enough to achieve your goals, but it is a start.  We start by choosing a goal we want to accomplish.

Choose an initial goal that is congruent with our values. For example, if our value is looking good by being dressed in the finest clothes, choose a goal to buy the finest clothes on the planet. This may be silly to you, but it is not silly to someone whose goal is to look their finest and best.

Another example? If you desire to travel the world and have a good time, choose a goal of earning the kind of money in Network Marketing that allows you to have fun at the most luxurious exotic beaches on the earth.


Step #2: Check if this goals and religiously write them down twice a day.  This is key to achieving Network Marketing for Success

I keep a very tight, disciplined schedule to keep myself and my company focused and productive. This helps me always push for more. You’re better off taking smaller, consistent steps than blowing off writing for days and then doing a massive word vomit to keep on track with your goals. 

Writing  them down twice a day will help you stay on track in achieving your goals in Network Marketing  You are putting the universe into action and this will help you to achieving Network Marketing for Success.  Your goals will bring too you. 





You don’t lose your chance to make more money if I make more money. Others Success does not hinder your success.  

In fact, oftentimes success breeds success. This is why when economies start to grow everyone seems to do better.

When more money is circulated, when more products are exchanged, when more value gets transferred, it’s a win-win for society.  People tend to remind you to be grateful when you compare yourself to those less fortunate in but when you start comparing yourself to rich people, they urge you not to make comparisons?

At a certain point, people who have stopped pushing for more have inevitably been sold into the idea to compromise on what they truly want in order to have some idea of “enough” by comparing themselves with what others have or don’t have.

Don’t compromise on what you want.  Set your goals for Network Marketing success and you can win.  


Step #4: Find a mini-habit that will make achieving your goals automatically.


Network Marketing Facebook groups would do well to follow this magic step.

To build our goal-achieving muscles, we must exercise victories in small goals which give us confidence to achieve larger goals.

So, let’s start with something simple. The best Network Marketing companies to join are those that talk to you about achieving small simple victories first before you tackle larger ones. Soon you will hit your goals for Network Marketing.

So let’s begin with something simple.

  1. Have a short time limit for our goal. One week, two weeks, or even four weeks. For example, commit to one week of training using your company tools and instructions from your up lines to be successful in your Network Marketing business. Then proceed to longer weeks of training. Set goals for Network Marketing
  2. Make our goals small. Talk to one person a week for two weeks about your opportunity and your products and services. Then move on to talking to two people a week, followed by three people a week, etc.
  3. Make your goals fit your personality color. If you are a green personality, you don’t like talking to people much. We would dread working like that. But we can find other green personalities to talk to. We can talk shop with them because they are like us.
  4. Make sure our goals are in alignment with our values.


Now on to finding our MINI-HABITS.

What are mini-habits? Small things that we can do easily for achieving your goals in Network Marketing day after day that become automatic.

Stephen Guise has a set of books dedicated to the science of mini-habits…  everything from brushing your teeth to losing weight.



Instead of willpower, we can achieve our goals with habits. 



Step #5: Use the energy of the universe to draw your goals to you.  Set your goals for Network Marketing success.


Manifest Anything You Want — Including Money.  


If you don’t know exactly what you want, you can’t actually take steps to make it happen. To manifest something, you must know what you desire. Click To Tweet


That means you must get very clear on the specifics, detailing the features as if your manifestation is tailor made for you.

To get started with this step, create a list of 20-25 things you want to manifest. Get specific about what you want and list the attributes in the positive (aka avoid using the word don’t). 


Pretty easy, right?

None of these activities are hard. We would pick one or two, and over time, the results would accumulate to Set your goals for Network Marketing success

So, what do think? Do you think achieving your goals in Network Marketing is hard? Or is it easy? I say it is easy when we know the five magic steps. You are now on your way to Network Marketing for success. 



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