5 Ways To Make Attraction Marketing A Strategy Work for You 


Attraction marketing needs to based your Content that serves Your Ideal Client.  Your audience is the key to making everything else in your online business move forward. Inside the audience you are building is where you will find your soon-to-be leads, prospects, sales and sign-ups. And they're waiting for YOU!

You will learn how to use a  Attraction Marketing Strategy and make it work for You.  Below are five common reasons why your attraction marketing strategy may not be working. Consider what you’re missing, patch the gaps, and keep creating.


You must constantly be building your audience every single day.

What does an audience look like? Here are some examples:

  • Facebook Fan Page Likes & Followers
  • YouTube Subscribers
  • Twitter Followers
  • Instagram Followers
  • ManyChat Subscribers
  • Your e-mail list of subscribers
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Attraction marketing three step formula


99% of business owners stay broke because they don't know this 3-Step Attraction Marketing Formula

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And if you are struggling with your business it's probably because you're missing one (or more) of these three steps.

This Attraction Marketing Formula is the foundation of  success in an ultra competitive marketplace. The key to making everything else in your online business move forward. 

Inside the audience are waiting for YOU! You must constantly be building your audience every single day. To Make Attraction Marketing Strategy Work for You.  It's what founders Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer have been teaching home business owners since 2008…

1. You need to refine your strategy to make attraction marketing work for you.


If you are building an online business, you may have come across the term ‘Attraction Marketing.' This article explains exactly what Attraction Marketing is, why it is vital to your online success.

Like any other form of marketing, you need a strategy if you expect to be successful.

I’ve been surprised at how many businesses lack a strategy for their marketing.  By using Attraction Marketing Correctly,

You Will become the Hunted and not the Hunter


“Content is the Cornerstone of a powerful tool for every business—a way to build brand authority, customer trust, and a high-performing sales funnel. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s used by nearly 90 percent of businesses.”

Yet many of these businesses find that their content strategy “isn’t working.”

Because each piece of your attraction marketing strategy feeds into the other, from creation to distribution and analytics, simply forgetting to tag links, for example, can throw everything off. This makes it seem as though your content strategy isn’t working, when really, it’s just missing a few pieces.


2. Focusing on Value is and cornerstone to attraction marketing.


In a world overflowing with content of all forms, value is what sets you apart. Anyone can write a blog post on the first thing that comes to mind. Not everyone can create targeted content meant to provide value to a specific subset of people.

Relevance is critical to content success. The content you’re producing must address your specific audience’s interest and needs—providing them with overall value and satisfaction.  

The end goal of a successful attraction marketing strategy is to position yourself as an industry leader and build trusting relationships with your audience. When people trust what a company has to say, they will remember that feeling when they’re ready to purchase.


You’re Not Making Data-Based Decisions

Without data, you’re guessing. This rarely leads to creating effective content that can drive leads, engagement, and brand authority. Without knowing what your audience likes and which topics they care about most, how can you create content that they’ll care about? In most cases, you can’t.

Fix it: Create a monthly data report where you look at traffic along with top visited pieces of content. Note that the “top content” will depend on your goals (visits, engagement, time on page, leads-driven, etc.). Now ask yourself: How can we replicate this content? You may find themes in style (lists format question title) or topics, for example, which you can use to plan new content

3. Target Your Content Distribution and use attraction marketing work for you.


Certain types of content do better when shared (distributed) through different channels. Known as targeted content distribution, this is one of the most important aspects of content promotion.

“The key is to share your content strategically,” says Anne Murphy, former Director of Content at Kapost. “Don’t try to push every asset on every channel. Otherwise, you’ll have too much to share and your audience will get overwhelmed by the amount of content you’re asking them to consume.”

Not only might your audience be overwhelmed, but you also won’t get as much engagement as you could for each piece. For example, Facebook is becoming a video-centric platform while Twitter is still best for engaging with influencers and sharing articles. Segmenting your content in this way allows for maximum exposure and interest, making it an important part of the content strategy.

Remember that while social is the main marketing distribution channel for content, email, Quora, republishing (Medium), podcasts, and blogger or influencer outreach are all important as well.

Believe it or not, Instagram is still in huge growth momentum, and it’s chock-full of hot and ready-to-buy prospects who are targeted to YOUR business. (No matter what niche your business is in!)

Fix it: Add distribution metrics to your monthly content data report. You’ll soon start to see a pattern emerge that you can use a blueprint for effective promotion and distribution.

4. Target High Value Content to serve the Right People and attraction marketing will work for you.


To create high-value, effective content, you need to think outside of marketing. What are the most popular questions the sales team gets? What are you overall business goals? What experts do you have in-house?

Content can be a hugely effective tool for driving leads and sales and promoting your brand. When it’s not aligned with business objectives or created with the customer in mind, however, it will never achieve its potential.

Speaking to people who work with these details every day will give you greater insight, allowing you to build a more robust and effective content calendar.

Fix it: Connect with the sales and business development teams each quarter. Ask questions about company objectives, popular customer complaints, common questions being asked, etc. Consider how content can help with 1 to 3 of those company priorities and what questions it can answer to help move potential customers through the funnel.




5. Track your self Well and Attraction Marketing will work for you.


If you’re not tracking your content efforts, you’ll never know how to improve them. Luckily, once it’s set up, tracking content is quick and easy. When using Google Analytics, you can add UTM parameters to the end of your links. This is easy to set up with the URL builder here. Other tools like Mixpanel have their own tracking system in place that you’ll need to implement.

When everything is set, be sure to start tracking in a few important spots:

  • On the blog and within specific pieces: Any link or ad that points to a landing, signup or business page should have a tracking code on it so you can see what’s encouraging click throughs and what isn’t.
  • Via social media: Any link that’s shared should have a tracking code. With that you can answer the question: What platforms are driving the most traffic and for which articles? This will help determine your most effective distribution methods.


It’s not that your attraction marketing strategy isn’t working. It’s likely that you’re just missing a few important pieces that are throwing the rest off. Keep these reasons in mind as you assess your content strategy. Consider where you can make changes and then test and track to see if it’s working better.



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