Do You Want to Attract More Leads and Sales and Make Instagram Stories Good for Your Business?


Are you curious how a story can help builds a stronger Brand Instagram Stories can help? 

Both Facebook and Instagram Stories Benefits Your Business Marketing Strategy. In this article I will give to Instagram tips to make Instagram stories  good for your business.

No doubt, it’s clear that Instagram Stories should be a part of every account’s marketing in 2020 and onward.

It’s worth noting that we’ve seen significant decline in engagement rate for regular posts while Story engagement has stayed high.

Therefore, if you’re not making Stories on Instagram, you’re missing out. Here’s my best Instagram Story ideas for 2020.



Why Create Instagram Stories?

Within the world of social media marketing, and especially within the world of Instagram,

Instagram Stories is an important place for your business or brand to show up. Among all the social platforms,

Instagram is where people engage the most.  So Instagram Stories That Are Good Your Business.

Make instagram stories good for business

Make instagram stories good for business

1. Instagram Stories let's You Stay Top of Mind of Your Ideal Clients. 

The first reason to use Instagram Stories is because mind-blowing or fascinating posts aren’t the only means of increasing engagement with your followers.

More “average” posts, published frequently and consistently will encourage followers to engage by checking your Instagram business profile for the latest posts and useful information.

Instagram Stories allows you to continue using (or start implementing) frequent posting as an engagement strategy

—Instead of only “wow” posting —to stay top of mind for your audience.


How to use Ingram stories to stay on your followers mind and Make stories good for your business

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Selfies time
  • Builds real relationships
  • Instagram Stories is where people engage the most.
  • Drives people to a New post.
  • Introduces new products






2. Asking a Questions makes Instagram Stories Good for Your Business #polltime


Every once in a while Instagram adds new features. A while back we got the option to do polls.

Obviously, Instagram wants to push new features and rewards better views and rankings for the accounts to help their new features be accepted by the community.
What can we learn from this Story? Polls are powerful!
They can be harnessed to unlock insights about what new features or products your customers need in their lives.
How to create a poll and make instagram good for business.
The polling feature is only available in Instagram Stories so you’ll need to create a new story post to use this function.

If you want to review how to create a story, review this post.

#1: Create a Story Post

To maximize the impact of the poll, your story post should have some context related to the topic of the poll.

Take your photo or create your text and background post for your story. 

Add any filters, text, emojis, or doodles to your story, but leave room to add the poll to your post.

#2: Add a Poll to Your Story Post

To create a poll, tap on the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll sticker option.


3. It's the Location Location Location.  It’s all about growing your social reach.


Make Instagram stories good for your business.  by tagging the location. 

This is call Geotagging.
One of the best things about Instagram is the ability it gives you to reach people all around the globe.
When your brand shares a video or photo on Instagram, it could potentially be seen by people in New York to Australia, and everywhere in between. 
Instagram Geotag to Engage With Local FollowersUsing location markers in your Stories is huge make instagram that are good for your business.
All the accounts I’ve worked with get around 50% more views.
Combine that with relevant hashtags and you’ll be scooping in two times more views to your Stories.More views = more followers. 
Easy enough.  
nstagram is the specific location, down to the latitude and longitude, of where you’ve stored your Instagram content. Geolocations are gathered from the physical location of your mobile device, which allows users to store or tag their content to those coordinates.

Tagging Your Location makes Instagram stories good for your business.

  • Once you have the update, you can add your location to your Stories. Here’s how:

1. Swipe right on the screen to start a Story.

  • Take a photo or a Boomerang. (You can add stickers to both!)

2. Tap the happy-face icon at the top of the screen.

  • Choose “Location” from the menu of stickers

3. Choose “Location” from the menu of stickers.

4. Customize your sticker.



Instagram Stories Benefits Your Engagement

Instagram Stories Benefits Your Engagement


4. Instagram Stories Benefits Your Engagement and Make Instagram Stories Good Your Business


Brands Can Take Advantage of Instagram Stories. Building a large and loyal audience of Instagram Stories viewers is a great way to build brand engagement – think of your stories like a magazine or reality tv show about your business.

With all the work going into creating your stories (p.s. we have a course for that), you want to make sure that people are actually watching them, too!


Here’s how to get more views on Instagram Stories:

  • #1: Use a Storyboard to Create Structure
  • #2: Design Beautiful Instagram Stories  that Match Your Brand Aesthetic
  • #3: Collaborate with Other Brands on Instagram
  • #4: Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories to Improve Your Reach
  • #5: Cross-Promote Your Instagram Stories on Your Feed




5.  Instagram Stories Makes Good Your Business because You are Connecting with Your Target Audience


Since your Story vanishes in 24 hours, there’s no point in spending time and effort on professional looking or high quality photos.

The photos are meant to be raw, real, and relevant to the particular moment.

The reason businesses use this type of content is because it humanizes your business and gives it transparency,

which allows your target audience to connect with you on a deeper level.


Increasing your engagement rate is one thing, but you should also be genuinely interested in.

Having real relationships with your followers and customers will make instagram that are good for your business .

When you do this You will 

That’s what social media should be about. Real relationships.


Here are some ways to Connect with Your Target Audience

  • Encourage People to Message You
  • Encourage People to Turn on Post Notifications
  • Notify Your follow you a note post that is filled with content that solves their problems.







6. Instagram Stories Benefits Your Marketing Content.


Making Instagram Stories Benefits Your Business

  • Save and Repurpose Content

One reason people might not want to use Stories is because the pictures and videos disappear after 24 hours.

However, in addition to being able to save pictures and videos from Stories manually, you can also set Instagram to save all Stories content to your camera roll automatically.

Now your photos and videos are saved and you have content to use later on down the line!

  • Enhance Your Content

Unlike pictures you post to your regular Instagram profile, those you post to your Story can be decorated with drawings, emojis, and text.

These markup capabilities allow you to make your content more eye-catching or more in line with your branding.

You can even tag people on Instagram Stories by putting an @ symbol in front of users’ names in the post description or comments.


Instagram Stories adds more freedom and flexibility to Instagram marketing despite changes in the platform and user behavior.

With so many reasons to use it, why not try an Instagram Story this week?



7. Encourage People to Message You will Make Instagram Stories Good Your Business


After the big algorithm changes in late 2017 more people have reached out to me about the declined engagement rate.

Both Instagram and Facebook are to serving content based on what you’d like to see.  yes you guessed rights.  It's all about the stories.

If you open your feed, you’ll probably see content from accounts that you know and are heavily interacting with.

  • Add your Instagram account to Facebook Profile Timeline.
  • Invite you face friend to follow you.
  • Create your “Social Media Power Couple” to increase your social reach in the marketplace.



Social Media Power Couple is Connenting Your Facebook Business Page

to Your Instagram Business Account.





8. Instagram Stories ideas for your business.


Instagram isn’t just a magnet for puppies, and kittens.  With over 5 million active daily users making the most out of Instagram Stories,

I make Instagram good for your business. 

  • Create a themed story
  • Craft headlines that count

  • Reward your customers with valuable deals and discounts

  • Keep your audience guessing


In conclusion Get Started With Instagram stories and Make Instagram Stories Good Your Business.


Just get started and Have Some Fun. There’s this idea that if you’re using Instagram Stories, you need to post content every single day.

Yes that this isn’t true.

You don’t need to post every day, but you should post consistently at a pace that works for you.

Whether it’s only once a week or three times a week, stick with a set schedule that your audience can depend on.

The frequency is up to you, but people should be able to know what to expect from you.


Create a Weekly Series.  Implement a weekly series. and add it to your IGTV.

This lets people know that they can expect to hear from you on a set day.

It gives them something to look forward to and becomes another layer where people can connect with you.




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