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Let me disclose to you a secret you don't know about being successful at network marketing and real home business success here are some marketing secrets.

When we were kids, we learned the phrase “Let me tell you a secret” and even as adults now, the phrase remains with us. Secrets are an integral part of our being, we all love secrets. Secrets are cool and dear. All kinds of secrets; whether it's the secret ingredients or sauce or the secret door or audio—they all matter.  “There's this secret about Jimmy, that skinny guy, let me tell you. There was a time Jimmy's weight was above 250 pounds. I bet you don't how he lost that weight, do you?”Everyone have their own secret box , though invisible.

Would you like me to tell you a secret? There's this magical word that builds interest and creates intrigue for Network Marketing, that word is ‘secret'.Let me tell you another secret you have no clue about. Sam, that guy over there, is swimming in millions. Do you know how that came to be?   No doubt, the listener will reply you with “I definitely want in on this secret”

“This is what happened. Sam used Facebook to build his local business that sells health and wellness products like coffees, shakes and teas. Do you want to know what the business is called?”

The listener will say, “tell me what the company is named”

“The company's name is XYZ. Sam currently cruises around the world and has residences in both Bermuda and Florida.”

Can you see how only saying let me tell you a secret, can begin a conversation about Network Marketing?

Let me tell you another secret. I only became popular when I linked up with this Network marketing company. 24,,000 people started following me and asking me for advice within a year of my linking up.

Sh……. Keep it a secret to real home business success marketing secrets.

1. Getting Permission is key to real home business success marketing secrets.

When you ask for permission to tell a secret, you set people at ease to hear the secret when they give their permission. Since the secret comes with a surprise package, they will be more attentive as you reveal the secret.

Prospects will agree that they want to know the secret because you were polite enough to ask for permission. “Would you like me to tell you a secret?”

“Do you want me to tell you the secret ingredient for weight reduction?”

“I know you would like to know the secret to success.  Should i share the one i know with you?”

“when i got to know about this secret skincare tea. I thought to let you know about it, should i tell you?

There's no one who would not like to know a secret because humans are naturally curious. It's just so difficult to refuse.

2. Secrets should be astounding to people and to start of home business success marketing.

 Avoid these things while revealing your secret stories.

  • Common facts – people can easily make their own deductions, so there should be more to the story.
  • A story about someone else– it must be authentic for real home business success.
  • Not being straightforward–  secrets that are short are more effective; when a story is quickly told, the shock value is higher.
  • Strangers – we consider familiar people, celebrities. A secret has to be worth making people drop the task they have at hand to listen to you and achieve real home business success.
  • Secrets reveal something new to people.
  • Secrets give us an intimate look into the personal life of popular people.
  • Sharing secrets with others is singing a perfect song to them.

3. The ATTRACTION MARKETING FORMULA is the secret formula to home based success.

99% of business owners stay broke because they don't know this 3-Step Attraction Marketing Formula. 

  • ACTIVITY #1: Build Your Audience

Your audience is the key to making everything else in your online home business success move forward. Inside the audience you are building is where you will find your soon-to-be leads, prospects, sales and sign-ups. And they're waiting for YOU!

  • ACTIVITY #2: Engage With Your Audience

    When you engage with your audience you begin building relationships. When you begin to build relationships with your tribe you start to build what we call the Know, Like, and Trust factor and build home business success.

  • ACTIVITY #3: Sell to Your Audience

    This is the fun part. This is where you start making some money and building your empire. You've built an audience, you've created engagement, you've built relationships and the know, like, and trust factor and leads to home business success.

    Now it's time to ask for the sell.


Basically due to the fact that secrets bring with it surprise, shock, and adds a different element in our day and provides us with a new topic for discussion. Immediately one learns something new, they want to be the first to break it to others before it becomes old news for home business success.  

There's a secret I have for you. Network Marketing was a difficult thing to do before but I discovered a secret ingredient that led to my being successful at it.


Would you like me to tell you how to get home business success?

Here are my best Keep Secret



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Home Business Success Marketing Secrets

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