FREE COURSE: How a Beautiful Image and a Simple 3-Step FB Ad Strategy Got 7,195 Targeted Page ‘Likes’ in 30 Days

This may seem basic to some of you, but hang with me. I don’t want to leave anyone behind here.
From the top down. Let’s look at how your business engages with Facebook starting with your personal
Facebook Profile, and the tools that are given to you once you have a personal profile.
Now, having an ad account give you a couple of powerful marketing tools. Let’s take a look at what
those are and then we’ll go in to detail on how to use them.

OK – Now that you know the tools that are available to you by just simply having a personal Facebook
profile, let’s dive a little deeper in to the Ads Manager.At this point, we are going to be starting to create an actual ad. If you are following along with this
PDF to create an ad, then you just selected the ad objective of “Send people to your website.” You
will be presented with this additional section where you simply give your campaign a name. Name
it something that will help you to remember the primary objective. Perhaps clicks to the website or
name of the page that they land on.

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