How To Boost Your Facebook Engagement For FREE


Engagement is critical when it comes to FaceBook. I will show you eight ways you can use to boost your Facebook engagement.  It doesn't matter if you have 100,000+ fans on FaceBook if nobody is engaging with your posts!

The more engagement you get, the more your post stays up top in their newsfeeds…

The more you stay up top in their news feeds, the more the viral your posts go… 

The more viral your posts go, the more EXPOSURE you (and your brand) get.

And the more exposure you get, the more traffic, leads, and sales you get… all FREE, from FaceBook because of increased engagement on your posts!

Today is a quick read, and will help you get some traction on FaceBook with your status updates…


8 Tips to Get More Engagement on FaceBook with Your Status Updates

1. Pictures: You need Clear original pictures to Boost Your Facebook Engagement 

Images can say a thousand words when used with your status updates on Facebook. You can even get more engagement on your page when you are using pictures of yourself.

Pictures of you performing some type of action in the photo tells a better story. Here’s a few examples: Working on your PC, talking on the phone, pictures related to your product, opportunity or service etc… Also, feel free to ask for the “share” or the “like”.  For example: If you love this picture click “like” or If you agree with this be sure to “share” with your friends.


2. Videos will Boost Your Facebook Engagement 

My favorite type of content to promote on Social Media. Uploading videos in your status updates get higher levels of engagement, Likes, Shares and comments. You can make all kinds of videos that will increase your overall engagement to get leads & sales. Facebook Live video is all the rage right now, and for good reason! This is the closest you can come to visiting your audience in person and the impact this can have is gigantic.


build engagement


3. Prime you Timeline.  To Boost Your Facebook Engagement.

Finding the best time to post to Facebook can massively help your business stand out and reach more of your audience

— even as Facebook organic reach continues to decline.

But knowing the best times to post, can be a challenge and we'd love to help.

In this guide, we'll share exactly how you can find the best time to post content on your Facebook Page for maximum reach, exposure, and engagement.

20 Minutes before a Facebook Post you need to engage with your prospects. To Boost Your Facebook Engagement you most engage with engage with them in group, their timeline, or through Messenger. Then you post Facebook will show it to the people you engage with. 


4. Fill In The Blank questions a fabulous to help you Boost Your Facebook Engagement


Let people engage with you by letting them share their perspective with you. Example: When I’m make my first 6 Figures in business I will _______.

When you ask the right questions, you will get your fans talking on your Fan Page. While you do want to be entertaining (it's one of the main reasons people go on Facebook, to be entertained) there is a right way and a wrong way.  

The right way is to ask simple questions that can be answered quickly by your fans. Always remember that people love to talk about themselves and feel as if they are helping. When you engage with your fans correctly using these examples you will see a significant increase in your fan engagement.


5. Adding Quotes will help you Boost Your Facebook Engagement. 

People love seeing quotes however take it a step further. When you copy the quote in your status update field, add your own thoughts about that quote a couple of spaces down. This really helps with getting more exposure…

To boost your engagement, make sure to have original post.  Never copy and paste.


6. Value Updates always boost you Facebook engagement.

Share updates that describe your best practices you’ve used to generate leads and sales. Most people tend to struggle generating leads online and when you share great tips it increases your engagement.

There are many kinds of post to increase your exposure to get leads and sales. The main thing to remember is to be consistent with your activity on Facebook.

Think of you page as a community of people all hanging out for the same reason or another.  Whatever your brand is make sure to build upon that brand.  Be sure to brand yourself  not the company you a representing,  

Be specific so your fans know what they can expect by becoming a fan of your Facebook Fan Page.  For example: Create a welcome video on your application tab of your Facebook Fan Page stating, who you are, what you are passionate about, what will your fan get from being a part of your Facebook Fan Page community, and encourage feedback from them once they click the “like” button.

7. Start Boosting your engagement by Editing You Friend list:


it's not about the number of friend you have on Facebook.  It's all about the number of friend you communicate with.. Dayley you would edit you friends.  It you are worried about unfriending someone, unfriend them and then follow them.   Your Time is your Gold Mine.

I you are using Face to build your MLM Business.  You should have too many (less than 10%0 of your cross line as fiends,  You are looking to bring new customers and reps to your business.  


8.  Follow and Comment STRATEGY to boost your engagement on Facebook.


There's nothing like some fan love to get your community talking!  Start by looking for  people that would be your ideal client and follow them.  

Make meaningful comment on the Post, and they will notified.  That will check you out 

And sometimes love comes in the form of mere recognition — which your page can do by sharing the posts & content your fans leave on your page.


Are you ready to get started prospecting on Facebook to attract people to you and grow your business by leaps and bounds? Facebook is a massive pool of potential customers and clients that cannot be ignored.

Boost Your Facebook Engagement For FREE

Remember when you were in high school, and it was Friday night. If you wanted to meet new friends and hangout with other kids, you had to find where the best party was that night.

Social media is pretty much the same. The key to growing your network is to simply network.

If you walk into a party, and you stand against the wall not talking to anybody, then you're probably not going to have as much fun, nor will you make new friends.

However if you mingle around, have fun, and share who you are, you'll get yourself noticed and some new friends will find their way to you.

How to Find People Whose Shoulders You Want to Tap…  Happy marketing.  


You Would be a asset to the #rockyobiz Group.  We are about helping You Boost Facebook Engagement. 

See you on the inside with My Daily Marketing Tips 



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