7 New Social Media Marketing Tips For Online Success

You’ve likely heard that social media marketing has the potential to help you multiply your revenue, far in excess of what you spent over the course of the campaign. A few years ago, there were reports of businesses seeing returns of 100, 200, or even 1,000 percent, and even today, most marketers will tell you it’s one of the highest-ROI online marketing strategies available, in part because of the low costs and nonexistent barriers to entry. 

But social media marketing has become more competitive and commercially saturated. Organic reach is declining precipitously, so be creative.  Be YOU there are  some New truths we need to accept about social media marketing

1. Set a plan and curate your Social Media Theme for success in your social media marketing.

That is the power of visual content. According to Marcel Just, the director of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University, print is a human artifact and the human brain was built to process content visually.

The Power of Visual Content to achieve Social Marketing Success. 

  1. Write-ups with relevant images get 94% more views that the ones without.
  2. Only social media marketing 20%people remember what they read, while 80% recall what they see and do.
  3. Posts that include images receive a 650% greater engagement rate than those that don’t.
  4. Emotions influence people’s purchase decisions, and visuals are more capable of evoking emotions than text can.
  5. 60% prospective customers are likely to contact a business when their image surfaces in local search.


Unless you intend to create all your visual content from scratch, you’ll require firstreliable sources for your visual content and second, a curation strategy rooted on knowledge of your customer base — who they are, what they’re interested in, and where they go to get information.  To each of the listed ideas, apply this conquer-all curation formula – select, enhance and comment – to turn quick finds into great shares for your content hubs. Select the most relevant and appealing visual content, enhance it with the help of a visual editor and add your voice to it with a comment.


2. It takes time and effort to be Successful and develop a powerful success.

Social media isn’t something you can “turn on” and expect to start seeing an increase in revenue or conversions. It takes time and effort to build a successful social media presence; you need to have a thorough understanding of your target market, you need to carefully craft your messaging and time your posts adeptly, and on top of that, you need to be active consistently, engaging with your audience, sometimes for months or years, before you see a return on the investment. Chances are, you won’t break even your first month, both because it takes a long time to generate a significant following and because you’ll make lots of mistakes when you’re first starting out.


3. Get a bigger return on investment by asking questions will help you build real social media marketing success.

Social media is bigger than you might think. Social media communities could include sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. But they also may incorporate people commenting on your blog and your YouTube videos. They may even include forums and private communities hosted by your company.

Think about your social media activities the same way you think about the groups, clubs and organizations you belong to (i.e., poker gathering, parent-teacher associations or even your church).

You participate in real-world groups because there’s a lot of intrinsic value—something that’s hard to measure. Maybe you do it for your kids, to give back to others or to find companionship.Your customers and prospects are all there too, in one group or another. Just like in the real world, they’re organizing online.

Chances are pretty good that people in your target market are involved with multiple social networks, whether they realize it or not. Be honest, that’s what turned the marketing cogs in your mind in the first place, right?


4. Social Media Depends on other Marketing Channels and needs to apart of you Social marketing plan.

In many cases, the strength of your social media campaign will be dependent on the strength of your efforts in other channels. For example, let’s say you have two companies essentially doing the same thing, Company A and Company B. Company A launches a social media campaign and starts paying $100 a week toward marketing.

Company B spends $100 a week on traditional advertising, and starts building an initial client base. After a few months, Company A has made some progress and is breaking even on its social media spend. Company B has a thriving customer base, so they decide to start a social media presence.

By the end of the month, both companies have 1,000 followers. By this point, Company A has invested more than $1,000, but Company B has only invested $100—yet their posts are getting a similar amount of reach.

This example shows how the numbers can become skewed in favor of brands with big advertising budgets being spent on other marketing efforts, or those with an already-existing audience.

5. Focus On The Little Things That Make Emotional Connections in you social media marketing.

As we’ve taught countless business professionals over the years, creating emotional connections with customers is key to delivering exceptional service experiences.Research suggests that organizations that have optimized this emotional connection have significantly outperformed competitors in sales growth and profitability.

In fact, emotionally engaged customers tend to be:

  • At least three times more likely to recommend
  • Three times more likely to repurchase
  • Less likely to shop around
  • Much less price sensitive


In our parks and resorts, Cast Members employ a number of little “Disney differences” that delight our Guests. These small, individualized moments of magic can add up to an overall experience where each Guest can feel special. In fact, we want them to feel like the “VIPs” they are—very important people—and also that they are very individual people.

6. I’m Celebrating! Super Be real in your response social media marketing.  

Disney Uses  Celebration buttons create a unique opportunity to connect with our Guests on an individual basis. Complimentary at our parks and resorts, celebration-specific buttons send visual cues to our Cast Members when a Guest is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a family reunion or their first visit to our parks and resorts, and provide numerous chances for fun, spontaneous interactions.

#birthday is a great start

7. It seems a lot of us are not. It’s time for some real talk, social media marketing location geo tagging style.

Before we begin, however, here’s a lowdown. Social media location geo tagging are pieces of information that can be attached to a tweet, status or photo on a social networking site that show the physical location of where something had been posted. Sites that have location geo tagging implemented include TwitterFacebook, Instagram and even Google+, amongst many others. This feature isn’t something new, or even upcoming to the web; it has had a prominent place on many platforms for a few years now – however, it is being increasingly obvious that some people just aren’t aware of this being enabled for their accounts, which can potentially result in various problems.

Facebook –

Facebook is a completely different ball game when it comes to geo tagging your statuses. On this social network, it’s seen as “Checking In” to add a location to your status and starts off as a manual feature at first.

After you’ve checked into somewhere by posting a status with a location previously, for all future posts from that location will be picked up upon by Facebook and will be automatically geotagged with such location that you were in.

To prevent this, the next time you go to write a status you must click the small X on the location name. Facebook settings, unfortunately, do not have a feature to remove the previous location geotags, nor do they have a setting to disable all future geotags. Examples of what the geo tags on Facebook appear like can be seen below:

Creating personal interactions and building relationships with customers doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider implementing little things to grow you social media marketing.

What little things can you implement now to connect emotionally and build relationships with your customers?

Remember Rome was not built in one day and neither will your Social media marketing presence be. Just like me or anyone else you start with one follower at a time, one post at a time etc.

Most people are always looking for that shortcut success and never really buckle down and to learn to market the right way. I hear it all the time people always come to me and say they wish that they had taken their business more seriously and stayed focused on building it the right way instead of being distracted by all the things’ that don’t work or aren’t long lasting.



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