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What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?


Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

Let's Compare Facebook Messenger Marketing to Email Marketing…It's no secret that Facebook is a behemoth marketing platform online.

With now over 2 Billion monthly users, if Facebook were a country, it would be just short of the combined population of the two most populated countries on earth – China and India! So, of course, it's a dream come true for visionary marketers.

Yet until now, the atmosphere where you could effectively follow-up with prospects, has not been ideal. The main reason is that in order to properly follow up, you had to basically drag people from Facebook, over to your website where you could (hopefully) get them to fill out a form and become an email subscriber (lead!) In marketing, any time you have to interrupt the flow of the sales cycle, you're creating holes where prospects can leak out. This is true in any marketing media, but especially online where attention spans are minuscule and growing shorter by the day. The other reason is that until now, Facebook messenger has had next to no automation.

If you haven't heard of Facebook Messenger marketing yet, you certainly will very soon.

Which is why, if you're a home business owner, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor if you read every word of this article. Understanding how to use this strategy to grow your business will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. By the end of this blog post, you should be able to implement things RIGHT AWAY to give you a serious advantage using Facebook messenger as a marketing tool.

The Marketing Principles Stay the Same – But Now and Then a Platform Comes Along That Changes the Game!

The elements of persuasion are based on human psychology. Persuasion is simply tapping on the emotional buttons that drive a person to take the action that you want them to take. Centuries of marketing have carved out the path for us. The words may change with the times, but the principles will not change.

  • Capture Attention
  • Create Interest
  • Amp up that interest to Desire (through follow up)
  • Induce Action!!

It's the straightforward process to take someone who doesn't know who you are, or that your product even exists, through the cycle to trust you and become a customer.

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook is obviously not new. People have been marketing there for quite some time now with both free and paid strategies. And as you've probably noticed, some do it better than others.

That being said, Facebook messenger is not new either.

However until now, it certainly has not been utilized to it's full potential as part of the sales process the way email has for example. Some people have haphazardly figured out how to use Facebook messenger as an effective tool to connect and even maybe recruit.

But even then… the way that people are forced to do it currently, there are still steps that are disruptive to the sales process.

For example, taking someone away from Facebook, over to a website or capture page in order for them to become your lead can break the flow. It can cause you to lose your prospect's attention. And we all know that attention spans are fickle these days. Especially online.

As you'll see that's no longer the case due to a very cool tool that's available for you to streamline your marketing with Facebook Messenger.

From Direct Mail, to Email Marketing, and NOW to Facebook Messenger Marketing!

To fully understand just how powerful Facebook messenger marketing is to grow your business, it's worthwhile to take a quick look at how the marketing process has evolved.

Direct Mail

Before the internet, direct mail was the way to get in front of potential prospects who might be interested in what you have to offer.Physical mail was sent to the home or place of business; that piece of advertising hopefully sparked interest to have the person request more information; and from there, further physical mail was sent to complete the marketing process.

The Internet & Email

Then came the internet. This made marketing cheaper, and faster.Capture pages bring “suspects” into a digital marketing funnel where they then become a lead. Using auto-responders, leads are brought through the funnel by providing value, with the intent of turning the suspect into a prospect.We build that essential ‘know', ‘like', and ‘trust' until the person realizes that you're the real deal, and they feel comfortable buying from you. Next you get a sale and a fatter bank account. This is hopefully where you're at now. And before we get too far in to this new marketing medium you're about to learn about, it's important to note that building an email list is still vital, still works, and you should continue to get leads into your email funnel. In fact email marketing is responsible for countless fortunes online. However now with Facebook Messenger Marketing, we've got something to complement email, and take some of the load off!

Why Is Facebook Messenger Marketing the Next Great Marketing Medium?

Every now and then, a new marketing platform comes around that changes the game.

Usually the best indication of whether that's going to be the case is simply by the reach of the audience, and the projected growth of that audience. Not to mention your ability to quickly communicate with your target market.

There's no doubt that Facebook Messenger is the next big game changer.CLICK TO TWEET

With the fact that you can now gain your target market's attention AND communicate directly with them all in one spot… without having to take them away to another platform… it's safe to predict that this platform will be a highly-effective place to market for a very long time.

To get someone onto your email marketing list, you have to fight to gain their attention on some sort of platform. Search engines, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! There are tons of platforms out there to pull in leads, and having an effective social media marketing plan will have a massive affect on your business.Once you've gotten their attention on those platforms, you've got to fight for the click to send them to either your website or your lead page, in order to collect their information – which turns them into a lead.Next you've got to communicate with them through an auto-responder service, and take them eventually back to a web page where they'll either buy your product or join your opportunity. Whew! As you can see, not only is that a fairly long sales process, but there are a lot of moving parts (obstacles) to contend with… the biggest of which is taking someone away from where they already are online to another place online.

Then there are other problems as well…

First of all, email open rates have been on a steady decline year after year. The average open rate is about 18% under the best of circumstances. But let's not forget that in the home business and network marketing arena, that open rate is likely even lower than the average.


This is because people in this market space tend to be on many lists (aggressive lists) and therefore your competition is much greater than someone marketing in another space.

Even spammers are getting the hint. Spam emails have actually been on the decline. The reason is that spammers simply see that they're not getting the same results as they used to. When the spammers smell something bad, you can guess that it's probably getting pretty darned bad.

In Comparison – Facebook Continues to Grow!

Facebook is NOT slowing down. The number of daily users grows at a steady 17% clip year over year.CLICK TO TWEET

Facebook is also making more money per user. There are more advertisers, and more products are being sold on Facebook every single year. Something else very telling is that there are now over 5 million advertisers on Facebook, which is up from a couple million just a year or two ago.

Then we go to the crucial fact that will concern you from here on out…

Better email Marketing with Facebook Messenger


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