Creating your own Facebook Group really allows your own community to flourish and connect even more around your brand and your content.  In this article I will show how to harness the power of Facebook groups to build a community that will help strengthen your brand and gain more expose in the marketplace.



Get Your Facebook Group Setup and Running Strong to Build Community.


To do the same with your own kick-ass Facebook community, make sure you read through the following steps carefully and prepare your Facebook group metrics for a serious lift-off and tou will star to harness the power of Facebook to build a community.

The first thing you need to figure out about your group is who it’s for.

If the goal of your group is to generate leads for your business, your group should attract your ideal customers.

For example, say you’re a weightloss coach who wants to work with people who want to loose weight. Your group should provide valuable tips for

people with want to loose weight.


It’s important to have a specific target market in mind for your Facebook group.



STEP 1: To Have a Powerful Facebook groups You Must Determine its Purpose

Nothing in this world should exist without a purpose. It’s the most miserable form of existence, and we don’t want your Facebook group to be miserable, now do we? So, the very first step when creating a community on Facebook is to bless it with a unique goal.

  • What is your niche?
  • Do you want your group to answer certain questions?
  • If yes, questions about what?
  • Will you use your group to promote a service? Or a product?
  • Do you seek feedback from your customers?
  • How will you use this feedback to improve your business?
  • How do you plan to gain more customers using this community? 


STEP 2: Create the Right Facebook Community


Once you know what the purpose of your Facebook group should be, it is time to begin creating the right type of society. First, be sure to choose the type of your group in terms of openness.  

Will it be a public, closed or secret group?  Go Wide choose public to gain massive expose in the marketplace.

Choose Facebook group a specific, keyword-rich name, it will be easier for people to find. Think first about you overall Brand.

Using our Labrador example above, it’s likely to show up for the term “Labrador dog training” but could get lost in thousands of search results for just “dog training.”


To Harness the Power to Facebook Groups You Must Promote Your Facebook Group to the Right People Click To Tweet


STEP 3. Promote Your Facebook Group to the Right People to obtain the Power of Facebook Groups


If you want to build a fast growing powerful community that will be healthy and won’t dissipate over a short period of time, you must have a lot of like-minded individuals interacting with each other, keeping your posts engaged and active.

In order to do that, you must be able to find these people and make them join your society.


There are several ways to reach your future community members and make them want to join your goup:

Your FB page
If you already have a Facebook page for your brand, the first step is to use that page to advertise your new community. This is one of the most potent and quickest ways to gain initial traction.  

Simple invite
You can go old-school and send out invites to the people in your mailing list or your friends list, and ask them to spread the word and promote your page to their friends who might be interested in your brand.

NOTE: This is why you want to make the purpose of your group as clear as possible so your future members know what you’re all about right from the get-go.

Find similar groups on Facebook or other social media platforms and ask them if they are up for cross-promotion. This can be an extremely effective strategy for quickly building your audience, you just need to find the right groups to pitch this idea to.

Always make sure you insert the link leading to your Facebook group in your: newsletters, icon bars, email signatures, LinkedIn bio… wherever you think it might be useful in terms of promotion. Here’s an example of our newsletter that proved to be quite fruitful:





STEP 4: To Harrness the Power of a Facebook Groups you Must Provide Vauble Content that Serves Them.


Quality content should be the fundamental building block of your Facebook groups.

Only with the right, original content will you be able to build a healthy society that will grow organically, have value and stay engaged.

Creating original content is a must, but make sure you don’t steer clear of posting and sharing attractive and engaging content from other sources as well.

As your group grows, keep track of the metrics, discover what type of content works best for your members and pivot your posts in that general direction.


Vauble Content that Serves Them.

  • You can also ask new people who join your group some questions.
  • Learn more about your members and see if they would be a good customer fit for your business.
  • Listing your group in the description, you’ll want to create a pinned post on the page that promotes your group.
  • Run Contest
  • Hoist watch Parties to discuss to Topic on the Day.
  • Recognize Top Contributing Members.
  • Welcome new members



STEP 5: Engage with Your Group Members Daily.


Daily interaction is key to keeping your Facebook group alive and growing and be the Real Power of Facebook Groups.

The admins of your group should keep the ether packed with regular and positive interaction and engagement.

Don’t be too lazy to like and comment on your members’ posts regularly and make sure you answer most (if not all)

of the questions they have about your service, product, industry…and You will have Power of Facebook Groups


STEP 6: Power of Facebook Groups can Grow your Facebook Group Using Ads


One of the easiest ways you can get people to join your group is to run some targeted Facebook Ads.

Like I mentioned before, running ads requires a page.

Once you’re happy with how your Facebook group and page look, head over to Facebook’s Ads Manager.


The ad images in Page like campaigns are formatted differently to most ads as you can see above.

Which means not all images will work to have Power of Facebook Groups

The image above works well because it is interesting and colorful, which helps grab people’s attention.

It also immediately lets people know what this ad is about.


Here I’ve used short and simple copy, and I’ve told people why they should like my Page.

It’s very important that your copy focuses on why people should like your Page.

You may need to experiment with a few copy and ad variations to create an ad that can perform well and generate Page likes inexpensively.




STEP 7: Word of Mouth & Referral Programs are a Powerful way to Build your Group


For those who are tired of ads and wish to promote their product in a more organic way, word of mouth is the next logical step. Right?

Virality and referral programs are expected to soon replace paid advertising and rented spaces on the web, and your business shouldn’t be ignoring this marketing trend.

Here’s how to generate word of mouth for your product in 4 easy steps.

  • Have a great product/service (obviously)
  • Explain why your product is so great and define the problems it will solve
  • Make sure your customer support always brings their A-game
  • Build a family-like environment wherein people will be heard, loved and treated well (humans love that)

If your word of mouth efforts haven’t gained any traction yet, you probably failed to fulfill at least one of the steps mentioned above.





STEP 8: To Harness the Power of a Facebook Groups you Must Actively Monitor your Insights.


Learn from Group Insights

Once your group reaches 250 members or more, you’ll gain access to Group Insights, which can provide information about which posts are most engaging, and what times create the best engagement among members. 


Your Facebook group is essentially a focus group of your best customers and potential customers.

Your can be an important source of valuable opinions and insight that can help you identify pain points, hone in on what your customers like best, and even come up with new product ideas.


Use social listening techniques to get a sense of what matters most to group members.

If you’re seeking specific information or opinions on one topic, try posting a poll within the group to measure responses numerically.

You can use Reports to:

  • Find out which posts were most successful ones and had the most engagement
  • Monitor the overall success of your campaign
  • Keep track of your organic/paid reach
  • Review the demographics of your audience
  • Keep track of your member count
  • Monitor check-ins, impressions, fan ads, page interactions, stories…
  • Track the number of unique clicks
  • Monitor your CTR

All this in real time or for a specific/custom time frame of your own choosing.  



Step 9: Find and Join Relevant Facebook groups To Grow Power of Facebook Groups


In addition to communicating with potential clients and customers, Facebook groups can be a great source of professional connections and networking opportunities.

You can get to know fellow entrepreneurs in your local area or niche topic of expertise, for example, can help create growth opportunities for all group members.


You can share information and ideas within a safe shared space, which can be particularly valuable if you work from home or within a small company.

A simple Facebook search will help you uncover existing Facebook groups that are relevant to your business goals.

The process of finding these groups is easy.

The tougher part is deciding which types of groups will be most useful to your professional development and help you grow your business.





Step 10: Grow Power of Facebook Groups because They are So Important for Businesses.


The 2018 algorithm lowered the reach of most Pages even further but, simultaneously, gave group postings more priority.

This is because Facebook Zero was all about fostering communities and relationships, and showing users more of the content they want to see.

Most people join groups for a reason after all, and engage with them enthusiastically.


  • Start conversations that get people talking to each other.
  • Post when your audience is online
  • Post high-quality videos longer than 3 minutes
  • Post often and consistently
  • Leverage Facebook Groups that are meaningful to your audience
  • Let your followers know how to prioritize your content in their newsfeeds
  • Empower your people to advocate for you




In Conclusion To Harness the Power of Facebook groups

Organic reach on Facebook has almost completely disappeared.

One way that you can still reach people without having to pay for it, is with a Facebook Group.

Directly advertising a Facebook Group is expensive and ineffective. I’ve found that generating Page likes and then inviting those people to join your Group, is a more effective strategy.

There are 6 steps to this strategy:

  1. Link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page
  2. Invite your Page Likes to join your Facebook Group
  3. Create a Facebook Page Likes campaign
  4. Set your targeting criteria
  5. Create your Facebook ad
  6. Repeat step 2 regularly

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and best of luck with it.


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