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#1 It raises resistance 

When you have your mlm listed on your profile, it automatically raises resistance. Be honest, how many of us when we’ve seen that somebody’s with a network marketing company we’re like, “Okay, you know, agh, what are they going to pitch me next? What are they going to pitch me?” A wall automatically goes up.  

#2 They will reach out to google

What does just about everyone do before they make a buying decision? They seek information, right?!  Therefore, is somebody’s interested and they see that you’re with XYZ Company, what’s going to happen is they’re going to reach out to Google. Then they’re going to find somebody in South Idaho that had something negative to say about your company, and you’re never going to know!  

#3 They might just join someone else

Another thing that could happen if someone starts researching, is they might find something positive about it, but instead of contacting you and reaching out to you, they’re probably going to come across somebody who’s a lot smarter in their marketing. Someone who they feel would be a better leader, and they’re going to join them instead of you.  

#4 It does nothing to make you stand out

Think about this scenario… if there is five people on my news feed and all of them are sitting here pitching their products, and talking about how awesome their company is, I want you to ask yourself this question. “Why would I join you? What makes you any different? What makes you stand out over the other people, who are filling up my news feed with spam?” 

You know, this is why branding yourself is way more powerful, because you need to realize that your business is not the company, not the network marketing company you’re with. Your business is YOU, NOT your mlm.  When you begin leading with value, and you begin leading with content that’s going to solve the problems of those in your target market, that’s what’s going to make you stand out.  Just remember that in this industry, people join people and they will connect with a person way faster than they will connect with a company.

#5  You lose ALL curiosity

Think about the last preview you’ve watched for an upcoming movie.  Did they give away the ending of the movie?  Of course not, they gave you just enough information to peak your curiosity and get you wanting to watch it.  Now, when you list your mlm on your profile, you’ve just given away the ending to the movie and that’s not good when it comes to social media marketing.  You want to get people wondering what you’re doing and force them to reach out.  

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