How To add to more Sales People Just By Chatting With People On Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook to connect with their friends, upload photos and watch funny videos.

Today I’ll share with you how you can sponsor up to 27 people in 1 month just by chatting with people on Facebook, how cool is that!

 The beauty of this strategy is that it’s very simple, it doesn’t require any tech skills whatsoever, it’s a totally FREE strategy that requires only your time, it’s fun and highly fulfilling and it’s very duplicatable. It may be the fastest route to start making commissions online.

Facebook chat is a very powerful tool you can use to connect with people, your prospects, leads, friends, fans, followers, email subscribers and literally explode your online business and help you live the life of freedom you always wanted if you do it right.
There are millions of people who are struggling and need help, they are working at jobs just to survive and don’t have time and financial freedom.
You have the solution to offer to people whether it’s with
that can totally transform people’s lives like it changed my life forever or with your primary network marketing business or both, you hold the key and the power to help people leverage the Internet to win their freedom in life.
Most network marketers who want to sign people up using Facebook chat do it all wrong, they are pushing people away by trying to sell right away and often, and they want just to give their links out to people. Have you ever received unsolicited messages from people with their links and you just know this person doesn’t care at all about you, all he wants is to sell you something?
Facebook is like a big networking party, nobody likes the guy who immediately after shaking your hand tries to sell you something without even finding out more about you, what you do and what are your goals. People hate to be sold to, especially from people they don’t know, like and trust yet.

So how to sponsor people using Facebook chatting?

First of all you need to be in the right emotional state and have the right intentions coming from your heart.
You need to be in a state of high energy, enthusiasm, certainty, clarity, confidence. If your energy is low and you are occupied with your own issues people will feel it.
Second you want to come from the place of service. You genuinely care about people. You genuinely want to help people. You are genuinely interested in them! I highly recommend that you read Dale Carnegie’s book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” as it is the foundation of your success. This is what we do, we build new friendships and we are influencing people to better their lives.
You can either proactively initiate conversations with people or people can be reaching out to you after they have watched your videos, read your comments, blog posts, status updates or have been following you for a while.

When you are consistently providing value and communicating, creating and uploading videos, writing blog posts, status updates, emails, posting value in groups, you will have more and more people who will reach out to you.

Also you will have people who send you friend requests, like, comment and share your posts, like your fan page, become your email subscriber. You can connect with all of those people because it’s almost like they are giving you digital permission to reach out to them. You can also start conversations with people you find in Facebook groups or fan pages based on what you see they post, who they are etc.
You are looking for people who have a problem, who are dissatisfied, and you want to relate to them and find out more about them, ask the right questions and also tell a little about yourself so it doesn’t look like you are interrogating them.
If all you did is ask questions that would be awkward, because you are not doing a job interview. It’s not a job, yet you are sort of interviewing people and qualifying people for your time to see if they have the right mindset and attitude. They need to qualify for you to give them a link.
You want to engage people, people will always remember how you made them feel and they can tell if you care or not.
Give people sincere compliments, believe in people. It’s not often that people are complimented and that someone believes in them.

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