How to dominate your weakness

Dominate your problems and make them your little bitch !!!

Weaknesses are a hard thing for most people but let me show you how you can dominate them.
People usually evaluate weaknesses as a loss. If you’re not get it something you start getting frustrating it get it get upset only makes things worse.
Social media gets to be very frustrating.
How do you grow and improve in your areas of weakness?
My mistake is I wasn’t good at email marketing so I didn’t do it costing me thousands of dollars.
In 2018 I decided to make my biggest weakness my biggest bitch. I said it is a goal to dominate it instead of excepting that I’m not good at it.

Let’s run into our areas of weakness head on.

The first thing is when you have Areas of weakness you need understand it. Your biggest weakness can be your biggest opportunity because you are going to focus on it hard to get better and you will dominate it.
You have to understand your weakness and go after it. You have to make the switch to say hey my biggest weakness nurse I’m going to be the best that it’s all about your mindset. Business will start taking off if you tackle your biggest weaknesses.
Weaknesses are opportunities to grow learn and to be come a beast at. Your weakness is never a deficit it is only an opportunity. Weaknesses could be your multiplier to get you to the next level. Put fear aside and dominate your biggest fear and weakness.
Young Hustlers:
Here’s a checklist to come up with your three skills that you need improvement on or maybe just scare you to death.
  • School of thought people that are successful hire someone to do what they’re not get it but this is for the new start.
  • Have to work through the problems so you can get to the point so you have the money to pay someone to do what you don’t like.
  1. List : You have to keep your eyes open you have to be aware. Take an inventory of the things you are not good at. List three things that you are not good at that you need to get better at. Things you’re not gonna are the things that are holding you back in life.

Pick one of the three things and decide to dive in. If you focus on all of them you are going to be overwhelmed and give up. Get up up A small goal and keep on going. I know this because I’m sure tried and after being a failure at email marketing I decided to take a class.

Master your email here: 

“Transform Even the Tiniest List into a Cash-Flow Residual Machine

You have to get on the ring on these things so I went back to my email list and set 27 emails out I was a little scared of mini chat but I decided to do it anyways and I got 50 mini chat notification sent out. Victory for me. Right?
If you give yourself too much to do too much meat to eat you were going to get overwhelmed and soon give up on the whole project.
You have to break down your goals in the small wins. And you will get better and better each time you decide to tackle your biggest fear your biggest struggle. Don’t get Derailed in the Details. Break things down and to measurable steps.
How do you get closer to the things you want in life? How can you make your life easier?

You need to pinpoint your weaknesses and dominate them. How do you confront your weaknesses?

You view your weaknesses as a loss. You must first understand what your weaknesses are.
Your weaknesses are opportunities. Make the switch and decide that you’re going to improve on your weaknesses.
1) Keep your eyes open and take inventory of what you’re not good at. Come up with a list.

2) Pick one weakness and focus on it. Rome wasn’t built on a day. If you focus on all of them you’ll feel overwhelmed.

3) Break it down into something fall. If you don’t like your body, you need to start working out. Break it into small chunks, commit to 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

Opportunity is something you find, not something that you stumble across.

You’ll miss an opportunity if…

1. You’re not awake . If you’re not looking, just wishing, you’ll miss your chance.
2. You think you want more but you don’t. This is proved when you’re not willing to do the work necessary to change.
3. You don’t know what to look for. This requires evaluation, and not everybody is willing to do this.

4. You’re not willing to invest the time. Grabbing opportunity takes action!

Here are my 7 secret to dominate in 2018


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