The meditation coach and wellness trainer Cassandra Bodzak would quickly describe branding as a spiritual exercise. For her, she went way beyond her previous brand Go Sweet And Skinny to a new realm that influenced her brand. Bodzak observes that wellness in women is not a religious function that is characterized by unwavering fixity. She in fact stresses on the issue of intimidation inherent in the women fitness ideology promoted by some individuals.

At the beginning, the decision to rebrand Go Sweet And Skinny was not greeted with much reception, but Bodzak was poised on plying the route that would lead to more liberation for women. She changed her brand to Cassandra Bodzak, which was more in tandem with the vision she has. Here we present some great tips that highlight the course to follow when modifying or creating a super brand.

You make You a super Brand

  1. Always retain your personality in your brand

Some people try so hard to be impressive that their brand lose its originality. You must realize that modern people are quick to spot a fake disposition; that realization makes it mandatory to tune your brand to match your personality. It might prove abortive trying to frame yourself to suit your brand; and even when you seem to be succeeding, you would find it challenging to sustain. It is best when you fold yourself into your brand and let your brand flow freely revealing the you-in-it. If this proves difficult to do, you could engage the assistance of a coach to mentor you on how to develop your brand.

  1. Welcome the possibility of Brand Modification

Contrary to some other class of brands, a personal brand undergoes metamorphosis; it somewhat inevitably undergoes modification as the individual changes with time. As time goes, the trends of yesterday become obsolete today and new trends arise. So it happens with brands as well just as Bodzak emphasizes. For her it all began with Go Sweet and Skinny but today its something different. She was smart to realize that there was a super that would survive difficult evolutions without much need for modification, and that’s her name. As she changes it is possible that her new brand stands a stronger chance to retain its water through time.

  1. You are very unlikely to get total support when Rebranding

As for Bodzak, she lost a good number of followers as she rebranded Go Sweet and Skinny into her name, but she is of great cheer. That is because she realizes that the process is a natural two-way thing: while she lost followers, she correspondingly gained followers who would offer her much more support and followership for who she really is. Eventually you get a more unified base of subscribers that follow your band with keen interest.

  1. Do not make a big deal out of Rebranding

One thing that keeps great innovations from being exhibited is fear of what the consequence of failure could be. We make a big deal out of such matters that we end up not making any move. Well, it might interest you to know that despite a billion users that visit the internet, it is a reasonable feat for a couple hundred to regularly visit your blog. You have got to

put things in perspective; do not be frightened by people’s expectations.

For Bodzak, her rebranding was more as a result of some trauma she experienced combined with the immune deficiency of one of her sibling, and that launched her journey in meditation and the basis for the new personal brand. A careful consideration shows that she was not going to lose more rebranding compared to what she lost during her trying times.

Like Bodzak, she encourages people looking forward to rebranding that there is actually nothing to lose by taking the action. Take a leap that would create a brand that you would be proud of, not one that only pleases people but not yourself. Your rebranding could be a consequence of emergency circumstances or a careful decision to do so. Either way it comes, do not make it a big deal.

  1. Think of the Worst and then question yourself what happens afterwards

What is the worst that can happen when you rebrand? Bodzak actually exercises her clients for one and half minutes having them shut their eyes and making them think about the ugliest situation that things can get to, to think of their deepest fears.

It is customary that when many people imagine the ugliest picture rebranding can become, they pause and keep meditating upon that. They think of the embarrassment, disgrace, tension, loss, and fail to consider the potential to conquer all these evil. They quickly forget that all these experiences have

expiry time and that the human spirit is strong-willed. When you think of the worst, never forget to ask the powerful question, “What happens afterwards?”

  1. Don’t chase perfection in circles

Some great things never made it out of the drawing board because of the search to attain certain degrees of perfection. Some people want the perfect name, perfect logo, and perfect everything, but this approach seldom ended in success. And while its prospects are slim, it traps them from really accomplishing much, Bodzak notes.

Bodzak’s experience as a changed perfectionist makes her corroborate the idea easily. As perfection is not trivial to attain, it makes it a challenge for those who search it to achieve much. Start something, probably half perfect or 70% okay. Do not forget, there is room for modifications; the process of personal branding is continuous.

You make You a super Brand

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